FurReal Snuggimals

FurReal pets really are beyond cute and very cool. Especially since they are so much easier than a real pet for Mom & Dad, but my kids get such pure joy out of them. We bought this FurReal snuggimal last week at Walmart for $5 for Mackenzie as a little reward since she needed to have blood work done. Yes the horror of bloodwork for a 5 year old, especially one who has 7 different blood tests done in the last year, definitely merits lots of spoiling! Anyhow, Kenzie is in love with this cutie pie. Take a peek at our video.There are a ton of dogs and kittens available. I noticed they are cheaper in store than online right now. In Walmart they are selling for $5, $7 at Target or I saw a double pack at Target for $10 too. Next on our list is clothing for this little kitty. ClassyMommy Approved. Enjoy! For more information, click here. Price: $5

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