Fusion Juicer Review

We are a smoothie obsessed family, but the concept of purely “juicing” was a new experience for us when we tackled a review of the Fusion Juicer. I admit that we all thought the Apple Blueberry and Strawberry juice that we made was literally the BEST JUICE of our life.

The Fusion Juicer is on sale at Walmart for $119.00. The price point is on the higher side but the product produces incredible results.

If you are a health conscious individual looking to JUICE or CLEANSE on a regular basis – especially adding in hearty items like greens in the form of Kale or chunky Apples, then the Fusion Juicer would be a great investment.

The Fusion Juicer comes complete with an inspirational recipe book featuring all kinds of juices – everything from green juices to sweet juices to dips you might want to make. I read through the recipes and the advice they shared and decided to opt for my own experimental juice. We tried a bunch of items and flavors to see what we liked best.

Our favorite juice was using Frozen Strawberries, Fresh Blueberries, and 1 Large Apple. Delicious! We also added in banana and oranges later on but the combination was never as divine as our initial flavors. The apple seemed to be a KEY ingredient in really bringing out the juice liquid element and then it pushed through all the other berry flavors.

Fusion Juicer Tips and Advice

1. If your are making a recipe with berries, add these first. They tend not to produce a lot of juice on their own, but once you add in a fruit that produces more liquid, it will then make your BERRY juice flow right for you so everything is flavored as you’d like.

2. Be sure to add in a fruit that produces a ton of liquid – this is a juicer after all! Apples and Oranges are excellent for this purpose. We thought the Apples tasted better in this special juice style. I’m not sure if the apples are really better or we just preferred them! be

3.  It takes some time to make juice – so be patient and add ingredients in one at a time as you will PUSH them down into the juicing chamber and you don’t want your blades to get clogged. This happened when I went to fast with chunky items like an apple and banana at once. I let the machine rest for 3 minutes and then it seemed ready to spit out the pulp and m motor was good to go just like new again.

4. Check out the pulp that the Fusion Juicer spits out in the pulp container. It is pretty intense.

However, I still felt like it almost pulverized everything but just emitted the big chunky solids left over after squeezing out all the juice. We felt like our chunks of “pulp” looked so delicious and were smoothie worthy in our book so we decided to put them BACK into the juicer and to see if we could squeeze out more juice. We were able to squeeze out another glass of juice by adding just a portion of an extra apple.

Overall, we LOVED the Fusion Fruit Juicer and the kids thought it was delicious. I think if you are looking to incorporate GREEN juices into your families diet this is the way to go. I’m off to buy KALE at the grocery store tomorrow so I can come up with some fruity KALE recipes that my kids will drink up.

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I’ve received a sample product along with compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

13 thoughts on “Fusion Juicer Review”

  1. Thank you for your comments on the Fusion Juicer. It was very helpful to me. I just bought a Fusion Juicer (didn’t get it yet) but I didn’t do any research for reviews on it. I am very excited to try it now. Thank You.

  2. Thanks for mentioning this. I just saw this on a infomercial and was considering it to help me and my husband/son to get more veggies in our daily diets. I am so over salads, and want to eat other things but I need to mesh various flavors to drown out the natural taste of some green veggies. Thanks for the info! I will grab one this weekend!

  3. I have a ques? I have the Jack La Laine juicer right now and use it a lot, but I cannot put whole fruits, and oranges have to be peeled, does this juicer really do all that it says? Thanks Cynthia

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  5. I normally do not believe the hype from the infomercials, but my husband had mentioned he would like to try a juicer and that night I happened to see the advertising for the fusion juicer. I ordered on the internet and received my product in a week. They also included the free bonus of the smaller Fusion Booster. We have been using both for about a month and we love them. The Fusion Juicer does just as it showed on the commercial. We love to “drink” our salads now..I have not had any difficulty juicing any vegetable or fruit we have tried. The only time it seemed to slow down was when I tried to juice some large apples that I had cut in half. They were a soft variety, but when I cut them in fourths, there was no problem.
    We really love the smaller Fusion Booster for fruit smoothies before we go to work. I am diabetic and have to watch my fresh fruit intake, but this machine will blend enough for a large glass 8-9 oz for my husband and 3-4 oz for me, which is perfect. We have used, banana, fresh pineapple, berries, peached, plumbs,mangos, and just wash and slice into smaller pieces, and blend. It is so powerful, we have not had any trouble with anything we have tried.
    We really do recommend this product,not something we normally do..but it has performed so well and really lives up to its hype, I felt a need to share our experience with any skeptics out there.

  6. Bought a cheap juicer at a chain store used it twice had to take back motor burned up. Had seen the infomercial on FusionJuicer so decided to go online and order. Great thing the 6 payments for $19.99 had been slashed to 5 payments of $19.99 Can not wait to get in the mail.

  7. What a piece of junk. Leaked and stopped working the first time I used it. Returned it for the money back guarantee. GOOD LUCK STILL WAITING. Since January!! Can’t get my money refunded. Now they have the juicer and my money. Have to call my lawyer to settle this. Ridiculous!! SAVE YOURSELF AND YOUR MONEY.

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