Garden Lites Vegetable Souffle

These yummy veggie souffles are gluten free and super healthy. All natural, vegetarian, lactose free, soy free and all meals are under 200 calories!

Each Garden Lites vegetable souffle is made with all natural ingredients and includes 2 full servings of vegetables. If you are on a diet or looking to sneak in extra veggies in your own diet or that of a family member, frozen Garden Lites make a great single serve meal or side dish that the entire family can share.


3 flavors are now sold at Walmart – the Roasted Vegetable, Butternut Squash, and the Zucchini Souffle.


My husband and I took the roasted Vegetable for a taste test last night at dinner time as a side dish to our Scrambled Egg Sunday dinner with the kids.

This was delicious and super full of veggies. It also tasted extremely light as it is made with whipped egg whites. We thought it was yummy and my husband devoured it which was especially telling as he is a guy who does NOT like his veggies. Big win for him to eat all these veggies.

You definitely can taste the veggies big time while eating it as there are a plethora of them included in each package, but they are all minced up so tiny and nice that it is a great way to just devour those veggies. Given our need for gluten free foods and desire to find more and more healthy convenient options I’m anxious to try more Garden Lites products. I see the brand also makes Gluten Free Veggie Muffins which would be amazing for my 5 year old son with Celiac disease.

Take a peek at the below single serve meal with cooked up in the microwave.


Cooking tips: You can microwave these for 3-4 minutes or cook them in a conventional oven. I love the speed of the microwave, but I highly recommend cooking them in the oven if you can spare the 30-40 minutes of prep time. We found the microwave made them a bit wetter while the oven cooked it up perfectly -moist and crisp. Enjoy!



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