Get a Horse Disney Short is Genius! #DisneyFrozenEvent

The Get a Horse Disney short shows right before FROZEN. The Get a Horse Disney Short animation is incredible and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Check out the movie poster  below…..

It looks like an old school Mickey cartoon right? We had the chance to get the full scoop on this Disney short when we interviewed Director Lauren MacMullan, Producer Dorothy McKim, the famous Disney artist Eric Goldberg, and CG Animator Adam Green about this project.

Get a Horse Disney  Poster

The big question everyone was asking revolved around if this was a brand NEW animation or just old footage recreated into a new short somehow.

Turns out EVERYTHING is new!

It took them about 18 months to create and the most SHOCKING part for me was that every bit of this animation project is entirely new. Watching how realistic the short is on film, I honestly thought I was watching a new mix of archived footage of old school Mickey Mouse from the 20’s.

Disney’s Get a Horse short Video Trailer

To get a feel for one I mean, take a peek at this video spot from Disney.

Get A Horse! Clip on Disney Video

Spoiler Alert for Disney’s GET A HORSE short:

If you haven’t seen the Disney’s Get a Horse short during your trip to see FROZEN in the theaters, than skip the below info if you don’t want a spoiler and want to be TOTALLY shocked midway through the short.

Here’s the spoiler for Disney’s Get a Horse:

The animated short “Get A Horse” before FROZEN takes 2D Mickey Mouse hand drawn animation into 3D CGI. Literally, Mickey from the 1920’s in black and white ends up JUMPING through the screen from 2D hand drawn animation into 3D CGI. It’s mind blowing! I’ve never seen anything like it and I found it captivating!

Get a Horse Disney image

Everything for the short “Get a Horse” is brand new & this was the first ever solo directed by a woman. Chatting with the animators was fascinating as we heard that they needed to even purposely make mistakes in their animation to make it more realistic and look like it was from the 1920’s since nowadays technology does a lot to correct all those human errors!


Walt Disney's Get a Horse

Note: Thanks to Disney for paying our travel expenses to attend the Frozen premiere and press event.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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