Get Real with Real Milk and a Giveaway

Got Milk? We heart Dairy Milk in our house and love incorporating it into the kids diet for both nutrition and their sheer delight.


Both Kenzie and Kyle love milk and that makes me a very happy Mom as it’s nutrition I feel good about and find very easy to integrate into our daily diet.

Did you know Milk is the #1 food source of calcium, vitamin D and potassium?

These are 3 key nutrients lacking in the American diet as there is just no substitute.

 How do you encourage your kids to drink more milk ? Tell me below to enter to win the “I Heart Milk” prize package! 

All of us generally kick off our daily morning breakfast routine with a bowl of cold cereal and milk.

We avoid milk imitators and opt for REAL dairy milk in our household. I love that Milk is about as natural as you can get – real milk is just that – milk, typically with added vitamin A and D; while other drinks have long lists of ingredients. Don’t you appreciate a label you can understand and feel good about?

Drinking real milk at breakfast provides more protein compared to soy, almond or coconut drinks. Studies have repeatedly shown that missing out on milk in the morning (or skipping breakfast altogether and the protein boost that comes with it), make it nearly impossible to achieve adequate intakes of key nutrients.


The best part about drinking milk is that my kids think of this nutrient rich drink as a TREAT – and not a chore – anytime we serve it up as it tastes so delicious.

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And yes, Dessert too!


I profess that we certainly let the kids savor the classic combination of cookies and milk for special dessert times too!  Don’t you remember drinking cookies and milk as a kid?

For Kenzie and Kyle, there is nothing like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie paired with a glass of cold milk.

4 year old Kyle’s combo of milk and cookies is somewhat hysterical.


My Kyle hasn’t quite grasped the concept of dipping a cookie gently in a glass of milk. He tends to go for the submerge methodology vs. his sister’s more delicate approach to cookies and milk.

The good news is that his milk and cookie snack results in him downing a lot of nutritious real milk which makes everyone happy.


The” I Heart Milk” prize package contains the following goodies listed below:

· Cow slippers

· Bathrobe

· Milk bottle

· Milk tumbler

· Milk bath and body products

· Spoon straws

· Smoothie recipe cards

· Milk crate

Kenzie and Kyle are modeling the slippers and testing out the milk tumbler… Fun stuff!


Here’s an image of the goodies we’re giving away below:

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Got Milk?

When it comes to saving the benjamins and managing our household food budget, milk is ounce for ounce one of the best sources of calcium for my money and it is much less expensive than milk “replacements” like soy or almond milk which can sometimes cost more than double and don’t provide nearly as much nutrition.

Get real with real milk.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Milk. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


214 thoughts on “Get Real with Real Milk and a Giveaway”

  1. My kids love milk too….no trouble at all getting them to drink it! The only trouble I have is keeping it in the house. It seems like we are always close to being out of milk!

  2. My kids both love milk! My son will only drink milk or water and probably drinks 5-6 large cups a day. My daughter is 3 and takes a little more convincing. She loves to dip oreos in milk. She also loves chocolate and strawberry milk. Her favorite is drinking milk out of a crazy straw in a big girl cup.

  3. My whole family loves milk and we just drink it straight either with cookies or bread or pb&j! I have two boys and we go through about 4-5 GALLONS a week!! 🙂 nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  4. We just drink milk everyday. My kids love milk thank goodness I do not have to fuss about it. They like chocolate milk too.

  5. Besides getting milk in there cereal, my kids like me to slice up a banana into a mug of milk. We also make milk-shakes a lot.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  6. Incorporating milk is insanely easy with my family because both of my young sons are avid drinkers, we actually go through over half a gallon a day. I also make a lot of milk based pasta sauces for meals 🙂