Get the Look: Nicole Richie Shines at the Golden Globes in a Modern Sleek Pony Tail

Love Nicole Richie. Her hair is looking beyond gorgeous at the Golden Globes this past weekend – her 1st Red Carpet look of the season.

Nicole got her look last night thanks to the essence of keratin and Suave Professionals®.  Even cooler – this is truly an “at home” look as Nicole  teamed up with Suave Professionals® to invite women to discover the salon inspired style of keratin can be used at home for smooth, manageable hair every day. Yes us Moms totally need this!

Take a peek at Nicole’s up close hair photo and read on to find out how to get the the look.

Get the Copycat Look:

How to style your hair in a Sleek Modern Pony Tail: 

1. Spray Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo directly at the root, crown and front of hair.  Use your dryer to work in excess powder, and brush through to refresh hair before styling.

2.       Pull-up and section-off hair around crown, then tease to create volume; set aside.

3.       Use a brush to smooth-out the hair on the sides and back.  Pull the back section of hair into a ponytail, securing it with an elastic.

4.       Take a side section and wrap around the ponytail, securing with a bobby pin. Take the opposite side and also wrap around the pony, securing with a bobby pin.  Lastly, take the teased crown section and lightly smooth and brush back over the ponytail.

5.       Work a dime-size amount of Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smooth & Shine Serum into the palms of your hands, then delicately smooth ponytail strands and eliminate flyaways.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for Nicole!


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