Getting Organized with the Schick Intuition Simplicity Project

I’m so excited to announce that I’m partnering with Schick® Intuition® this summer to promote their Simplicity Project. The idea behind the project is that the Schick®Intuition® brand doesn’t just want your “shave” time to be easier, but they want to help women keep their lives simple too.

The goal of Schick® Intuition® is to help us free ourselves from life’s unnecessary stress.

Why sweat the small stuff right?

Schick® Intuition®, with the help of lifestyle and Organizational Expert Jill Pollack, shares concise and specific tips based on various personality styles (or shall I say individual quirks we might tend to gravitate towards) to help each of us find better balance, organization and well-being in everyday life!

Are you a Last Minute Lady or a Queen of Clutter?

Take a peek at the Brand’s Simplicity Project Facebook Page ( and take a super quick quiz to determine your personality type and discover tips to help make your life more simple and stress free! Each quiz offers coupons you can download to receive up to $4-off Schick®Intuition® products, plus you can share with your friends too!

As a super busy Mom, I’m ultra-excited to incorporate tips from the Simplicity Project into my own life. I’ll be chronicling my journey on Schick’s Facebook Page over the next two months, go there now to check out the rest of this post and check back to see all of my posts.

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