Girls Getaway in Asheville North Carolina @OmniGrovePark @OmniHotels

You’ll be surprised where we’re headed! On Monday, my sisters and I are surprising my mom for her 65th birthday. The boys are watching the kids as we pack our swimsuits and head out for our very first girls getaway. When we originally started scheming this brilliant idea, we had a hard time finding something that met all of the demands from young moms on tight schedules: convenient (quick flight from Philly), fun but relaxing, reasonably-priced, and somewhere special.  I almost thought that we’d never agree on a place…until one great suggestion….

Girls Getaway in Asheville North Carolina

Asheville, NC. This beautiful city tucked into the Blue Ridge mountains on the western part of the state is mostly known for it’s strong art scene and iconic historic architecture.


If you know anyone that has ever visited Asheville, you’ve probably heard them talking about visiting the 19th century Biltmore estate or the dynamic downtown art scene.


My sister (and practically half of my high school) got engaged at the Biltmore, so I wanted to explore new new spots in town. So what’s on our agenda?

We’ll be staying at the Grove Park Inn. This Omni hotel has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl. This rustic mansion has been the home of the Annual National Gingerbread Competition for years and has made some very special Christmas memories for me. Now that I’ve moved away and all grown up, I’m ready to enjoy some of the more luxurious perks of staying at this hotel (aka the spa)!

grove park

A few other highlights that I’m looking forward to include brunching at the Green Sage Cafe, a local favorite. Of course, shopping is a must-do on our list, so we will be enjoying the 200+ downtown shoppes and experiencing a special foot soak and massage with local scrubs at Wake Foot Sanctuary and Spa.

I don’t want to give too much away (and REALLY hope that my mom doesn’t read this post before Monday), but I just couldn’t wait to tell you about the trip. I’ll be sharing our adventures (and my mom’s surprise). I have a feeling it may inspire you to rethink what you had planned for your mom’s bday this year….

Talk soon!

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