Glow Pets Video Review

The beloved pillow pets now glow in the dark. Check out our Glow Pets video review and photos to see these new adorable plush critters.


On sale now for 25% off with the Glow Pets coupon code GLOW at the website. Kyle is wild about his new penguin Glow Pet. Other styles available include the shimmering seal, puppy, snail, unicorn, bear, zebra, and turtle. Currently, priced at $29.95.

I suspect Glow Pets will be quite the sensation. Kids obsess over their pillow pets and now with Glow Pets, kids can literally have a pillow pet that doubles as a night light since it can glow in the dark. Glow Pets are super cute and the light up feature is excellent and very bright. We were really impressed with our Penguin glow pets ability to light up my 5 year old son’s bedroom at night.

Check out our Glow Pets Video review

You can operate your Glow Pet’s lights to stay on all night or leave it on the setting where it will automatically turn off after 20 minutes. Genius!

Each pet has LED lights that create a glow without producing any heat too so they are totally comfortable to rest your head upon.


Here’s what our Glow Pet looks like illuminated in the dark. Obviously the photo isn’t the best since I took it in our dark laundry room with the lights turned off, but you can see just how bright our Glow Pet lights up.


Note: Thanks to Glow Pets for sending us a sample to facilitate our feature review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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