Gluten Free Favorites from Glutino

Check out a few of our favorite gluten free finds from Glutino. My 5 year old Kyle is approaching his 1 year anniversary of officially being “Gluten Free” after being diagnosed with Celiac disease so we’re getting to be experts at navigating the grocery store for delicious Gluten Free treasures!

These Gluten Free Milk Chocolate coated wafer cookies are BEYOND yummy. Delicious for anyone whether you are gluten free or not and we call them mini little Kit Kats. They are so good and the taste reminds all of us of the beloved Kit Kat bar.

Glutnio also sells gluten free brownie mixes too!

Where can you buy Glutino products?

The main place we find Glutino product is in the specialty gluten free section at our local Walmart Super Center and at our Wegman’s grocery store. These are the only places we’ve been able to find them and I find Walmart sells the widest selection of Glutino goodies – from every kind of cookie, pretzel, baking mix, and even Pop Tarts!


Kyle LOVES Glutino Cereal bars and we recently started letting him enjoy Glutino Pop Tarts which he likes even more as he warming them up in the toaster is a real treat.


Other products from Glutino include these Rosemary & Olive Oil crackers and Pancake batter too!

Glutino sent us the above products to sample but we have been buying Glutino products for the past year. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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