Gluten Free Goldfish Puffs

Beyond delicious! Gluten free goldfish puffs are the answer to my 5 year old’s wishes. When Kyle was diagnosed with Celiac the one staple snack food he had to give up entirely was goldfish. We are thrilled to share that Pepperidge Farm’s Goldfish brand has launched their 1st gluten free offering – Goldfish Puffs – in 3 yummy flavors. Even better, it is nearly impossible to tell this is a Gluten Free food. It is THAT fantastic and just bursting with flavor.

These are now in stores everywhere too – anyone will love them whether they are on a gluten free diet or not. Unbelievably great taste and texture. Hooray!


The 3 Flavors of Goldfish Puffs are:

– Mega Cheddar

-Cheddar Bacon

-Buffalo Wing

We’ve tasted them all and my entire family can’t get enough of the new Goldfish Puffs. While I’m eating them, I admit I feel like I can’t stop! Super addictive and very flavorful. 5 year old Kyle is ecstatic with this new offering obviously  too! Goldfish were staple of his daily caloric intake prior to his Celiac diagnosis so to be able to return to Goldfish is a wonderful gift for a little guy!

And my husband and I are raving about the bold taste of Mega Cheddar and Cheddar Bacon too. These are both favorites in our house. (The Buffalo Wing is too spicy for a 5 year old, but excellent for adults and fans of Buffalo Wings. )

The new Goldfish Puffs are indeed super puffy and airy. They are larger than regular goldfish and have a giant pop of flavor. Totally delicious!

Note: We received free samples of the new gluten free Goldfish Puffs. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. And we’ve been BUYING lots of these yummy bags since we are devouring them! 

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