Gnomeo & Juliet Trailer with Family Review

Yesterday we  saw a preview screening of Touchstone Pictures “Gnomeo & Juliet” with the kids. The movie releases this weekon Feb. 11th, 20111. Check out the trailer here. We love showing Kenzie & Kyle movie trailers before we take them to the theater as we find it really excites them for the movie and enables them to instantly relate to the characters at the start of the film.

It was a fabulous flick that the kids loved and us parents totally enjoyed too. Going to an upbeat movie like this was the ideal way to spend a dreary wet & freezing winter Saturday morning. The tale of Romeo & Juliet channeled through Garden Gnomes is worth seeing for the kids & parents.  Even better, unlike the tragic Shakespeare tale, this version does have a happy ending.

However, I must caution parents that at one point their kids may fear all hope is lost for Gnomeo and Juliet’s happily ever after ending. My 5 year old Kenzie was crying and in total tears when she thought Gnomeo died and 3 year old Kyle was very very upset too. Kenzie was heartbroken and crying for about 5 minutes until it became clear to the audience that Gnomeo still lived. The suspense made the movie all the more exciting for the kids as they were totally captivated by the tale and were certainly vested in the characters. When the kids realized that Gnomeo was alive, they could not have been more thrilled either!

Elton John is Executive Producer of the movie too so as expected, the music did not disappoint and was a huge bonus. You can read our interview with Elton John here. He dishes on the movie and his new son Zachary with us when’s writer Bonnie met with him in Los Angeles earlier this month. I can’t get the tunes out of my head! We might need to buy the soundtrack if they sell one as it was excellent.

Disclosure: Our tickets to this advanced screening for free to facilitate our review.

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