Goody Bamboo Hairbrush

This month, I’m trying to feature "green" product options for the regular stuff we use in everyday life. From crayons to hairbrushes to toilet paper. One stylish way to be green is believe it or not with the hairbrush you buy. The Eco-Movement line of brushes from Goody – a brand pretty much every woman is familiar with and likely uses – now sells hairbrushes made from Natural Bamboo. Bamboo is a very eco-friendly product – and far superior from an environmental standpoint than the plastic hairbrush I was previously using – which being plastic was clearly derived form petroleum as well. I love the free sample Goody "Eco-Movement" bamboo hair brush I received. I’ll be using it for years and the next time I need a new brush or one for my daughter, I’ll definitely buy bamboo! An easy win for the environment and an easy thing for me to do to make a difference. Classy Mommy Approved. For more information, click here. Price: $11

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