Got Milk?

The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her husband Tim have joined the ranks of many famous celebrities who have sporting the famous milk mustache.  So the Hasselbecks Milk the Moment with Their Family since hers busy schedule and growing family mean quality time together can be limited. That’s why she makes it a priority to milk the moment as a family each night at the dinner table by serving up the white stuff.  Here are the deets on the ad copy.

“Family Portrait. Our view on family? There’s nothing more important. That’s why we drink milk. It’s the #1 source of calcium, potassium and vitamin D in America’s diet, and it’s packed with protein to help build strong families. Together, there’s nothing we can’t tackle.”

Head to to check out behind-the-scenes photos and video from the Hasselbeck family’s ad shoot and read more on how they milk the moment.

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