Green Mountain Greek Cream Cheese has 4X the Protein of Regular Cream Cheese

Looking for a healthier cream cheese? Check out Green Mountain Greek Cream Cheese. I’ve been using this since being introduced to it in the last few years as it has 4X the protein of regular cream cheese along with 1/2 the fat. Score! As a bonus, it also included live and active cultures which I’m always trying to sneak into my diet so spreading this on a bagel or sandwich or finding a recipe to whip up or cook with greek cream cheese is a sneaky seamless way to incorporate those active cultures that are our good for our digestive health.


What is Greek Cream Cheese?

Greek Cream Cheese was invented by Franklin Foods. It’s  made in Casa Grande , Arizona and Enosburg Falls, Vermont with milk and cream sourced from local dairy Farmers. It’s patented with a blend of Greek yogurt and decadent cream cheese. It delivers 4X Protein, ½ Fat of Regular Cream Cheese plus Live and Active Cultures.

You can buy Green Mountain Greek Cream cheese at your local Walmart.

Mashed Potatoes made with Greek Cream Cheese

One of the classic recipes in my own home that my family has made for generations is Mashed Potato Casseroles with cream cheese. So now, I’m swapping out our Philadelphia Cream cheese for Green Mountain Greek Cream Cheese in my taters for a healthier blend. YUM! I also add chopped onions, butter, salt, pepper and milk all to taste. Delicious! I made these on Christmas Day and it tastes even more delicious using our new Greek Cream cheese. Everyone was raving about the potatoes. And I loved knowing we were getting even more protein from our dish too!


Here’s a link to a mashed potato recipe that includes greek cream cheese.

For more ideas on recipes using greek cream cheese, you can find recipes by visiting: and learn more at

3 thoughts on “Green Mountain Greek Cream Cheese has 4X the Protein of Regular Cream Cheese”

  1. Iwould appreciate knowing where I can purchase the whipped Greek CreamCHeese and
    Greek Yogurt.

    I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada – but have always bought this product at WalMart in
    Plattsburg, New York – but the last time I was there, they told me they don’t sell it anymore.

    Please let me know where I can purchase this product now.

    Thank you.
    or 1-450-671-7305

  2. I purchase the cream cheese and strawberry yogurt and really enjoyed it. When I went back to Woodman’s in Kenosha, WI I was told they no longer sell it. I live in Grayslake, IL and have not been able to purchase this product at any of the stores in my surrounding area. Could you please tell me where I will be able to purchase

  3. Tried this C Cheese last month at Walmart Chicago, lll. I love it. Went this month 2 buy at Marionos market surprise no Greek C Cheese. Well back 2 Walmart I got my cheese.

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