Energizer Easy Charger Rechargeables

My husband and I have been striving to live a greener and more eco-conscious lifestyle since becoming parents 3 years ago. Making the switch to rechargeable batteries was an easy win for both our budget and the environment – especially given the rapid battery consumption of toys in our household! I’ve been raving about our … Read more

Fabkins Cloth Napkins

We’re fans of Cloth napkins for the kids and Fabkins fit the order. Fabkins has 8 kid friendly bright designs with a range of adorable colors and patterns. Kenzie’s preschool requires only cloth napkins for snack or lunch bunch since it is an easy kid friendly way to teach our children about protecting the environment. … Read more

Wild Creations African Dwarf Frogs

Kids and Parents will get a kick out of the Eco Aquariums from Wild Creations that come complete with two very tiny frogs – known as African Dwarf Frogs. Super low maintenance too. Change the water 4 x per year (spring water) and feed the frogs 2 days per week (tiny pellets that are included … Read more