Wild Creations African Dwarf Frogs

Kids and Parents will get a kick out of the Eco Aquariums from Wild Creations that come complete with two very tiny frogs – known as African Dwarf Frogs. Super low maintenance too. Change the water 4 x per year (spring water) and feed the frogs 2 days per week (tiny pellets that are included with your kit) . The price point is very low too for the entertainment the kids will get out of having their very own pets. The frogs are darling and the kids are fascinated by them. I received the classic starter kit free to review (the $30 price point kit) and everything was included. You can buy the more expensive $40 kit for $30 with coupon code BLOGGER. A really fun gift to give or receive – even if you weren’t planning on having a pet. Perfect for my family as Mom is not ready for the responsibility of a dog or cat but at least this way my kids get to enjoy the little frogs! My girlfriend has had an eco-aquarium since last Fall and the frogs are still alive and kicking – and every kid who visits their home is enchanted by the frogs too! Classy Mommy Approved. Here is a video tour! For more information, click here. Price: $30

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