Gulliver’s Travels Press Junket

I’ve been posting lots of neat updates about my trip to Los Angeles for the press junket for Jack Black’s new film, Gulliver’s Travels, opening on December 22nd. I’ve had an amazing trip and this is certainly one of the coolest press events I’ve ever done for a number of reasons  – both profressional and personal.

From a professional standpoint, 20th Century Fox put on an excellent event. Last night we all saw the movie. Then, today, they gave our intimate group of Moms top access to the cast.

Here’s my outfit for our interviews (went with tall boots, jegging style pants and a boyfriend jacket/blazer from Ann Taylor LOFT.) For Moms going to Press events, this style outfit seems to work well for me & I see others doing the same. A great combo of being casual yet also looking professional.

We had 35 mins with each of  3 major stars from the movie- Jack Black, Emily Blunt, and Jason Segal. Also, getting the opportunity to REALLY connect with other writers from different websites across the country is amazing. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. With a small event like this, you leave really making new friends. It’s marvelous and a rewarding investment of my time away from my family. I always carefully weigh the decision to leave the kids and arrange babysitting, but this opportunity was definitely right for me.

And personally, the trip has been so perfect since the kids are all healthy & happy at home, my final manuscript for “The Digital Moms Handbook” was turned in to Harper Collins earlier this week, and I’m hanging out at a stellar location – the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills where it is warm & sunny, while it is 20 degrees at home in Philadelphia.

I went for a run this morning in the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills – and even saw “John Locke” as he stopped to let me cross the street while he was driving. This afternoon I even got in some shopping! I heart Kitson now and highly recommend it as a stop – it’s also often a frequent celebrity mom hangout.

We coined ourselves the “Mamarazzi” after our sweet celebrity sightings last night in the lobby of our hotel. Our top spotting was Taylor Swift. She was picture perfect. Looked just like she does in the ads and in the celebrity magazines. Wearing a flirty skirt with her gorgeous wavy hair. She was traveling with her body guard ( a guy with a white beard looking to be in his 50’s) and another cute little friend.

Then we saw Jeff Bridges. He was friendly and cool and took a pic with us too!

Here’s a fun video montage from my little shopping junket in Beverly Hills this afternoon. I didn’t spot any stars, but sure enjoyed seeing all the trendy boutiques on Robertson Avenue and walking by The Ivy. Loved shopping at Kitson. Otherwise, everything else was ULTRA expensive. Nice eye candy but that was it. Everything was beyond a little expensive as the prices were from a different budget stratosphere. (Think $900 or more for a top!)

Disclsoure: Gulliver’s Travels paid for my airfare and hotel. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

I promise to post pics and some neat details from the cast interviews this week  (it’s all under embargo until Monday – so I’m not allowed to officially post the more juicy interview deets or pics until then!)

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