Half a Million YouTube Views

Milestone day! Kind of crazy but the Classy Mommy YouTube Channel has just crossed the 500,000 view mark!

Take a peek at our top five most viewed videos. It’s like taking a walk back in time too as you’ll see me pregnant with Kyle in one of them and in another Kenzie is not even walking yet as she is just about to turn 1 years old!

1. Classy Mommy Huggies Jeans Diapers

2. Pee and Poo

3. Thomas the Train Early Engineers Review

4. Classy Mommy Diaper Cake Video Review

5. Hot Wheels Tub Racers

But our all time favorite is our Disney Vacation Trailer!

1 thought on “Half a Million YouTube Views”

  1. Thanks for the great blog. Just thought I might let you know I have finally found a reliable source for real views, subs, friends… They turned my YouTube Channel into a real fanbase.

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