Hallmark Cards for only 47 cents!

For the love of snail mail, there is something so special about actually receiving a card in the mail on special occasions.

In our busy days of electronic communications via texting from our mobile phones, emailing, or leaving Facebook messages for friends and family members, I feel like I hardly ever receive greeting cards in the mail anymore. Don’t you love that feeling when you get a card in the mail? We all need more of that FEEL GOOD sensation knowing that others are thinking of us in both good times and during difficult times.

Hallmark has launched a new line of cards at Walmart, that are only $0.47 each!!!!!!! Connections from Hallmark Cards are beautiful and cover just about every occasion from Birthdays, to Thank You cards to Holiday cards.


Here’s some Hallmark Birthday options. As you can tell they don’t just sell “generic” cards for $0.47 but also specific themed cards to appeal to both children and adults alike.


I love to keep cards on hand at home so that when I need to pop a REAL Thank You note, Sympathy Card or Thinking of You/Get Well card in the mail, I’ve got the supplies at need in my desk at home. Hallmark’s new line for Walmart also offers these options for only $0.47 too! Nice!


I’m inspired to send out some Easter cards from the kids and I to our relatives so they can feel the joy of receive that special note in the mail.



And my 8 year old’s drawings inside the card always bring an extra smile too!


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  1. These are the only ones I buy now because they’re cheap. When you give a two year old a gift, they don’t care what the card looks like. I was really disappointed to see that CVS discontinued their $1.00 cards. Now the least expensive ones they offer are two for $4. So 47 cents is worth a trip to Walmart if you need a few cards.

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