Ham & Cheese Pinwheels Recipe

What to do with all that leftover Christmas Ham??? We hosted 18 guests for dinner on Christmas Day and I’ve got SOOOO much ham leftover. So today we made one of our favorite post-holiday Leftover treats. Check out our Ham and Cheese Pinwheels recipe. Super easy and yummy for everyone!

Ham & Cheese Pinwheels Recipe

The ingredients are basic – use all that leftover ham, a sweet and savory mustard, and crescent rolls. If you want to make it a bit richer add in some cheese – whatever your preference – american, colby jack or swiss.

Then simply spread mustard all over your open crescent roll, place little bits of ham and cheese on the crescent roll, wrap it up and bake per the instructions on your crescent roll package. 325 degrees for 9 minutes worked great for us today!

Time to eat!!!!!

Don’t they look pretty? These are the easiest things to make and so delicious. We love taking advantage of our leftovers and recreating a new way to make use of all that food – beyond just bean and ham soup!



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