Hanging in New Orleans

My life is a whirlwind so it is no surprise my travels are too.No joke I haven’t washed my hair since last Wednesday the day before I left for the trip as I didn’t even have a spare moment to find the time for a wash & blow dry. (Yes I did shower after my runs – thanks to that shower cap invention) Sounds crazy I know but I was determined to make the time away from the kids worth it, I packed in as much as I could physically could ┬áin terms of both being a tourist and making it a biz weekend full of ┬ánetworking.

I spent 3 nights in New Orleans for the Mom 2.0 Summit and it was hands down the best blogging conference I’ve ever attended.


Smart women, amazing panels, just the right amount of time to network with brands, and a size of 400 people which actually enabled me to meet new friends while still find time to connect with my oldest cyber friends in real life.

The 1st night my girlfriends and I had a crazy blast dressing up in flair and doing 7 seconds of video that turn into flip books. Hysterical.


Delicious desserts. Food in New Orleans was indeed all that and a bag of chips. Or make that beignets.


I woke up both early both days for early morning runs. Totally worth it as I got to hang with my bloggy friends, get some warm fresh air and see the Mississippi up close.


Bourbon Street at night. Seriously insane. I had no idea what NOLA was like. Totally not my scene – think crazy drunk people and tons of groping as Audrey and I practically got molested on our way to a Lego Party with invites to ride a bull as we dodged all kinds of beads being thrown at us. (I guess we still have a little sexy left and those college guys must have thought we were high class hookers in our cute cocktail dresses! )


Audrey digs into some classic NOLA food at Mr. B’s Bistro. Incredible restaurant. I’d fly back to NOLA just to eat theGarlic Truffle Fries we ordered again. They were out of this world.

More tomfoolery with @SuburbanTurmoil, @AudreyMcClellan @WhitneyMWS as we held up hysterical signs reading Mazel Tov & Lord of the Dance to create our 7 second video – the flip book is a riot. I could have seriously made these videos all night long.

I visited the historic Cafe Du Monde for the legendary beignets. Yes, food can take your breath away as these powdered sugar smothered french style doughnuts were so insanely awesome.


Getting interviewed by Microsoft for their Office Blog. So excited to get a clip we can put on our press page for the book!


We topped off the conference with an after party sponsored by Tides Loads of Hope to benefit Japan. Stellar bloggers read some beautiful and entertaining pieces. Dooce topped it all off and hearing her read in person was v. cool.


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