Hanging out at Johnson’s Baby with the Cares Council

Last week I visited Johnson & Johnson’s headquarters to meet up with their brand team for a kick off meeting of the Johnson’s Baby Cares Council. I’m so excited to be part of this group – I love the brand and I love when ClassyMommy can join causes to benefit Moms and babies.

We were “schooled” in all kinds of Baby Care 101 to keep us up to speed on all the ingredients in Johnson’s Baby products and we learned a ton about skin.


I was able to view my skin at 100X under the microscope. Sadly I am getting old as I saw lots of sun spots and I am super dry too – something I knew but only treated in the winter when I felt it. I think now I’ll be applying daily moisturizer always!


I had the chance to reconnect with old friends – some of whom I met on my 1st bloggy trip over 4 years ago – which was actually at Johnson and Johnson for their Camp Baby Event. Hanging with Christine, Young Mommy, From Dates to Diapers, & California- one of closest and 1st blogging friends.

I credit J&J for kicking off my blogging career back then as their event made me realize there was so much more to blogging then sitting behind the computer. I realized all my virtual friendships were also very REAL and that the best ideas, campaigns, events, and friendships all would reach their greatest potential when I took everything offline and into the real world.

I just love this photo of my dear friend Lori, from J &J and I. The best part of attending events is hanging out with old friends!

And we saw the pink Baby Lotion being made in the lab. Oh how I love that smell! It takes me back to when my littles were just babes. Plus, we learned lots of fun secret uses to J&J products – for adults in the beauty world and which celebs use them as part of their daily routine too! More to come on that! Think Beyonce and more!



And we topped off lunch and our day with Johnsons’ Baby Cares cookies. Yum!


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