Hanging with Jennifer Garner to help Save the Children

What a day! We got to spend time with the always lovely Jennifer Garner and as usual it did not disappoint  – especially for this die hard once obsessed Alias fan! We took the train up to NYC to package snack boxes for 900 kids in Kentucky as part of an event to help  Jennifer Garner promote Frigidaire’s campaign to “Set a Place at the Kids Table” to help children in need.  So run over and check it out – set the table on line and Frigidaire will donate $1 each time you play – up to $500,000!!!

My kids had a blast and Kyle was a real charmer with Ms. Jennifer. Seriously he was too stinking cute in his conversations with her. She said he was just melting her heart. I have some really cute shots from my personal camera – but am still in NYC so haven’t gotten a chance to upload. So here’s a video and a few pics in the meantime from the AP wired images and my iPhone.  My kids were serious about their task of packing boxes – kids love to help and the 12 kids at the event worked super hard to get the job done.  A great way to physically help our kids make the connection between their efforts and giving back.

And the scoop from my conversations with the gorgeous Jennifer: She was a busy working Mom today as she flew in from California late last night, went on The View this morning, did some interviews before our event, then joined us all for our Craft time and to help us box up all those healthy treats.

What she said:  “I feel like a drag queen with all this make up on!” (They really did cake her up with base I guess for all the photos and her TV shoot – but she was beautiful and stunning as you’d expect of a movie star like her!) And when it was time to go she apologized for needing to rush but this hands on Mom said her daughters called and were BEGGING her to pretty please be home to tuck us in tonight. So she was going to rush off to just ONE store in NYC she was desperate to stop at and then fly all the way back to LA in time for bed. Thank goodness there’s a big time difference! Truly, after meeting her on multiple occasions, she really is a genuine, down to earth Mom who clearly prioritizes her family – and is amazing with children.

What she wore: Zac Posen, Yves Saint Laurent and Neil Lang

My kids loved hanging out with Vera and Audrey’s kids again (my close friends above with me!) We only see these peeps on our bloggy vacations but the kids are fast friends since they are alway sharing the experience of a lifetime with each other!

Here’s the real official info: Philanthropist and mom of two, Jennifer Garner teamed up with Frigidaire and a dozen kids in NYC to package food for kids in need in an effort to inspire Americans to give back this holiday season.  Starting today, when people set a place at the “virtual kids’ table” for a child in need at www.Frigidaire.com , Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children’s U.S. Programs.

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