Hanging with the Glade® Expressions™ Happiair Tour Truck

After tweeting it up all about Glade® and their new fragrance collection earlier this week, I was able to actually visit the Glade® Expressions™ Happiair truck at my local mall on Saturday. I even brought the kids with me, as I knew both Kenzie and Kyle would be all over testing out all the new scents – these kids LOVE anything that smells – from lip gloss to food to wildflowers in the woods to Glade® air fresheners.

If you haven’t had a chance to try out the new Glade® Expressions™ Collection scents, you still can! The Glade® Happiair Tour is still on tour and coming to a city near you! I joined up with them at the King of Prussia Mall outside Philadelphia on Saturday, April 14th at one of their stops and had a fabulous time.

The Glade® Expressions™ Happiair Tour is a truck touring 30 cities across America educating fans about the new Glade® Expressions™ Collection. The Happiair Tour has been travelling coast-to-coast since March making stops at locations such as parks, festivals, conferences and city centers. Find tour stops near you at the Glade® Facebook page.

Here I am testing out different scents at the truck with the kids!

My favorite is Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice.



Isn’t the tour truck super cute? Love it!


And if you can’t make it out to the Glade® Expressions™ Happiair Tour in your hometown, you can find the perfect scent and matching style for your home by using the new Glade® Home Style Studio Application on Facebook!

The new Glade® Home Style Studio application – a virtual extension of the Happiair tour – allows you to discover home decor tools and tips from experts including Glade® partner and entertainment journalist Giuliana Rancic. Each personalized styleboard created on the application includes a Glade® Expressions™ Collection fragrance, home furnishing suggestions, color and fabric swatches and music playlists – all of which can be shared with friends and family on Facebook.

Here is my Styleboard: “The Cozy Vintage Beach Living Room”

When you complete a styleboard, you will be entered to win weekly prizes of $200 and a grand prize of a real-life room makeover and a fragrance-inspired trip. Visit the Glade® Facebook page for additional details on prizes and entry requirements.

The application is fun and easy. You can do it on the iPad or your laptop (as it’s just through Facebook so super easy to do!)

This is how you use the app:

 Go to Facebook.com/Glade and click on the Glade® Home Style Studio tab

 “Like” the Glade® Facebook page and click on “find your style”

 Answer ten questions to find your personal style

 Save and share your results with your Facebook friends!

What does the Glade® Home Style Application suggest for you? Let me know!


Disclosure: I have partnered with Glade® to bring you coverage of the Glade® Expressions™ Happiair Tour and the Home Style Studio app. Though I did receive compensation and product samples, the opinions I’ve expressed are honest and are entirely my own.

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