Happier Times

Hard to believe this time last week we were in 85 degree weather in Florida on Disney’s Boardwalk. The picture of happiness and health (despite the two cases of pink eye and double ear infections for Kenzie!)

Who knew the minor horrors that the next day would bring?


Which turned out being poor little Kenzie throwing up on her way to a character breakfast. Which alone would be disappointing enough. But was much more of a horror given it was two hours before leaving to go to the airport to fly home. The tough little cookie threw up non stop (about every 30-45 minutes) for almost 24 hours. She threw ups in the airport security line, on the airplane, and in the car on the way home and more times than we could count.  She barely complained and was a total trooper.   She’s finally better now but we certainly all paid the price for our magical vacation!


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