Happy 3rd Birthday Kyle!

Here’s the little guy the 1st time I ever held him. And a video of Kenzie meeting Kyle at home for the 1st time too.  Isn’t he cute?

Hard to believe 3 years have gone by. We had a marvelous birthday with the little guy. And tomorrow we’ve hosting a great birthday party for him as I am daring to host an Exotic Animal Show at our house. Make that inside my house! Boa Constrictors, Hedgehogs, and Blue Tongued lizards will be setting foot in my home. (Yes, I’m trying not to worry too much about how gross that will be and instead how much the kids will love it!!)

The kids are only little once so we are trying to make the most of his special day. Especially as I feel like being 2nd born child kind of short changed him on many of the festivities the past few years as Kenzie always got so much attention from everyone early on being the 1st born.

Kyle is a funny kid and quite the dare devil. And totally adorable and always so affectionate. I just can’t resist him. However, he was quite a mischief maker today. Breaking into the pantry and stealing marshmellows for example and doing quite a few other tricky little bits of mayhem. I think his 3rd year is going to be a busy one for all us!

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