Happy 4th Birthday Mackenzie

4 years ago today my little girl surprised us all with her arrival a month early. How well I can remember my water breaking after my gigantic pasta & meatball dinner and the memorable natural childbirth that followed.

Hard to believe that the tiny girl once in my belly is now my most special little friend in the world. For fans of the original “Mini Padilla” website, here is a link to the archives with those adorable photos and videos of the early days.

We spent the morning at Kenzie’s favorite park with friends as we skipped our regular Wednesday swimming lessons – since it the only activity she hates, it didn’t seem fair to go on her bday. Tonight we’ll eat Chocolate Cupcakes and she’ll be able to open up her very special present. Mom decided to splurge and spoil her with An American Girl – Just Like You doll. We’ll see how she likes it as I don’t know how the actual real life doll will compete with her obsessive love affair with the American Girl Catalog for the past 5 months. Hopefully, she will be excited and surprised. Especially as I explained today that they don’t sell American Girls Phoenixville. Our conversation followed with her understanding it would be impossible to buy an American Girl locally since they’d only sell them in New York City and other cities where the American Girls are from. We left it that she’ll need to ask Santa since he is more magical than Mommy and maybe he could make it happen.

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