Happy 6th Birthday Kenzie

Hard to believe how fast time flies. My little baby is now 6 years old.

Can you believe it? Remember her toddler days?

Always the original inspiration for our Classy Mommy business, it’s been so fun for us to see her grow up with this website and truly let it become part of her life and something she loves to do. Kenzie would definitely prefer I let her take full reign of every video since we all know how our little lady adores the camera. Someday!

Here she is on her 1st day in the world. A tiny peanut – born 4 weeks early in a fast & furious natural labor at just under 6 lbs. For more memories, here’s the link to that ORIGINAL site that started it all…. minipadilla.com – Click here to view videos & the preganancy too! Crazy! http://webanza.com/minipadilla/

And here is my beautiful girl that we love so much today.

This photo is from her Kindergarten class photo taken earlier this month. Somehow, she looks like she’s about 12 years old in this snapshot.


We do love this photo and are totally shocked it turned out so cute. Picture day landed on one of my “travel days” and her Poppy had to handle her “hair” prep for the school picture.

To make matters more complicated, he had to do the hair challenge in a crunch – by bringing her home from a swimming lesson with sopping wet hair, figure out how to get her dressed & the hair somehow both brushed & dry, feed her lunch and get her on the bus for Kindergarten in a 20 minute time frame. Not bad huh?

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