Happy Birthday 8th Birthday Kyle!

The days are long but the years are short…….

Can’t believe the little guy just turned 8 years old! Here’s the first pic of me holding Kyle after he surprised us with his fast and furious arrival. He’s been surprising us with his smiles, tricks, and happy go lucky attitude every day since he was born.

kyle just born


Wish I could freeze time so my favorite little guy wouldn’t grow up so fast. Look at him today! Loved watching him bloom this past year as he has come into his own in so many ways.

kyle swim birthday

And his sister and him have been loving each other since Day 1. Oh my heart! Love that they are such good friends and wish that it could stay this way forever.

I even got to read a book to his class for his “Birthday Treat”since nowadays you can’t bake cupcakes like we did when we were kids. (Good thing for Kyle since he wouldn’t be allowed to eat them!) Such a cute tradition his 2nd grade teacher has! Kyle asked me to read Sylvester & the Magic Pebble.

kyle read in class


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