Happy Birthday To Me

Who bakes the cake for Mom when it’s her birthday? We didn’t have to solve that problem this year. (Although I’m sure the kids would love to assist me bake my own cake!)

We were so caked out from Kenzie’s birthday and maxed out on Halloween candy, that I decided we could go the non traditional route. The Oreo ice cream sandwich. One of my favorite indulgences.  And this worked best for Kyle’s egg allergy which seems to be getting exceedingly worse given my recent “lax” on allowing him to indulge in cupcakes at parties. The Duncan Hines mix made by myself with 3 eggs for Kenzie’s birthday resulted in a huge rash. I know I’m not Parent of the Year, but don’t worry, I’ve re-installed the ” no food made from eggs” policy for him and we’ve got an appointment with a new allergist on Friday to see where we are at with his egg allergy and to follow up on that suspicious  venomous insect allergy that Kenzie might have.

Mike and the kids surprised me with a gift from Tiffany as that little blue box rarely disappoints. The kids were thrilled at the chance to go out with Dad to pick out something for Mommy and they loved keeping a secret for 24 hours too! Overall it was a wonderful day with the kiddies full and the Facebook messages from all my friends made me so happy too. What a genius reminder system as I love getting those birthday wishes from people I haven’t seen or talked to in 20+ years!

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