We Love Happy Family Organic Foods for Babies and Kids!

I’m somewhat obsessed with the Happy Family brand which offers organic superfoods galore for babies, toddlers, and even kids. Kyle was a “Happy Baby” 5 years ago as a little newborn when he went for his 1st Baby Cereal at about 5-6 months of age and Happy Baby was the ONLY baby cereal he would consume. I went to business school with the co-founder of Happy Family foods, so I’ve always been enamored with their mission to provide healthy organic foods to babies and that with every product sold, the company supports Project Peanut Butter, a nonprofit that feeds starving children in Malawi and Sierra Leone.ClassyMommy even has donated a portion of our proceeds to this organization after learning about it from Happy Family.

Today, Kyle still loves Happy Family foods and the line has expanded so much since it was launched in 2006. Our favorites are probably these organic and gluten free “happy puffs”. Kyle can almost eat 1 of these canisters in a siting if I let him! The perfect on the go snacks for Moms with young babies, toddlers, preschoolers or kids. Each serving also has 25mg of Choline which is great for eye and brain development. Probably a bigger deal for babies than my 5 year old, but it’s still food I can feel good about feeding my children versus junky processed snacks.

Kyle also loves this new line – Happy Yogis and Happy Creamies. Some of these veggie and fruit snacks also include probiotics.

I especially appreciate all the various foods and flavors that baby and toddlers are introduced to with Happy Family foods. From mango to to squash to fresh zucchini to protein rich quinoa, Happy Family has you covered. Their toddler meal bowls look amazing and also make great on the go options for Mom too as you can just bring along the tray and than pop in a microwave at Grandma’s house or the swim club.  

Happy Family also just added Happy Baby and Happy Tot Greek Yogurt pouches to its  comprehensive line of nutritious foods.  Yum! They created these innovative new products by blending healthy, 100-percent organic Greek yogurt with organic fruits and veggies. Perfect for on the go feedings and snacks plus they make an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. And as always, there is no artificial colors, artificial flavors, trans fats or GMOs, and they are certified USDA organic, gluten free and kosher.

Here’s Kyle enjoying Happy Family goodies today….. and a photo of him below as a baby tasting his first bites of baby food – Happy Baby Organic cereal


For more information on Happy Family brands you can get connected here:

Visit: http://www.happyfamilybrands.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HAPPYFAM

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HAPPYsuperfoods.

Note: This post is sponsored. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and we’ve been a fan of Happy Family brands since they launched in 2006. 


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