Happy New Year with a Baptism for Kyle

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day? No wild partying for us – instead it was all about family time. And we loved it! For the first time since becoming parents, we FINALLY actually did something on New Year’s Eve with the kids out of the house so that was exciting for them & thrilling for us.


Pre-kids, we always used to do neat things with friends, hit NYC, or travel. Since the kids – it has literally been a string of “nothing” plans for years. To treat the kids, we took them to a tapas restaurant that Mike and I love and normally only hit on date night. The kids were delighted and we loved having a special meal to celebrate.

On New Year’s Day – little Kyle, age 4, was finally baptized – in what was a non-traditional but extremely special ceremony.

My Uncle Jim baptized him at my Grandmother’s house with holy water from Ireland. He performed this same very special baptism for Kenzie when she was a newborn – with the same holy water – while my Grandma was holding her. This was weeks before my Grandma died – so doing this again with Kyle in the same way was very sentimental and special.

In Ireland, back in the old days, this was how things were done frequently – so a baby would be baptized as soon as possible – never knowing what life would bring.

Surrounded by my entire Costello family on our annual New Year’s Day celebration too – this couldn’t have been more perfect or more special to me than if it had actually been in a church. Kyle did great, loved it, and had been literally BEGGING for me to have Uncle Jim do this for him just like he did for Kenzie when she was a newborn. Kyle was great about the water spilling down his face and carefully tried to capture a handful of it in his hands – to save & share with his sister “Lilly”. Adorable!


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