HE Washer Advice

Wonder how to prevent that gunky smell in  your High Efficiency Washer or how to best take care of your new HE machine? Yes it can smell NASTY can’t it? Like leave the room gross. So how can you prevent that stink?

Here’s my advice video which I made for the Wisk Laundry Line blog.  Take a peek at the video but the top tips are to keep that gasket dry and to use a smaller amount of HE detergent to prevent too many suds which will damage the gasket.  My laundry room has been smelling much fresher lately! Hope it works for you too.

Disclosure: I was compensated to originally create this post for Wisk’s new laundry blog over here. Take a peek. And yes this is the Washer/Dryer set provided to me last Spring by Mom Central as part of their campaign with Frigidaire but as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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