Healthy Snacking for Toddlers & Preschoolers

In my life before Mommyhood, I led a very active lifestyle and balanced my activities (running, bike riding, swimming, tennis etc.) with healthy eating habits. I always had a natural love for healthy foods like fruits and veggies. What I can’t quite figure out is how to pass on my taste buds for nutritious healthy foods to my kids. And don’t get me wrong, I’ll delve into a good ice cream sundae and I crave chocolate chip cookies, but on a day to day basis the Mom in me feels very guilty about eating unhealthy!

My 3 year old would eat non-stop goldfish around the clock. Or preferably she’d love endless cookies! Luckily, I’ve been able to pass on my love of fruits to both Kenzie and Kyle. I’ve found slicing an apple, mini boxes of raisins, half a banana, grapes, and clementine oranges to be convenient favorites for our busy days at home or even when we’re traveling and on the go.

Unfortunately, I’m having less success in the veggie department. Especially for my preschooler. Both at meal time and especially when it comes to trying to incorporate veggies at snack time. I’d love for my kids to eat celery, red peppers, carrot sticks, grape tomatoes. Delicious and nutritious right?

The good news: 3 year old Mackenzie eats 2 veggies. Canned green beans. (Yes only canned green beans. And if I buy the “no salt added” version she won’t eat it!). And she’s gaga for corn on the cob. The bad news: The texture or taste of just about every other veggie is unacceptable to her.

Maybe I should keep on serving up these favorite veggies as a snack option? What healthy snacks do you feed your picky eaters? Do you teach your kids about portion control? I’d love your advice as I find it is a real struggle for me to get my kids to adopt my eating habits. Maybe demonstrating the healthy habits myself and continually putting out veggies as an option for snack time is my best bet – and then one day when I least expect it their taste buds will be finally be ready for the healthy stuff!

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