Heidi Klum's Pink Stroller: Swanky or not?

Hmmm.  I think it fits the “swanky” category since it is custom ordered from Teutonia and a trendy cotton candy pink.  This stroller is from Teutonia’s  t-300 series and the pricetag for the chassis alone is over $500.  Want it for less?

Well the quality won’t be nearly as good  – especially if you are hoping to off road on a trail or the beach – but I found this umbrella style stroller from Dream On in a bold pink with a sweet sunshade and even a little basket for only $49. I would have killed for a styling pink stroller when Kenzie was in a buggy.
Also, be sure to join those private sale fashion sites that are now geared to kid products like Zulily.com or Totsy.com. I’ve seen Teutonia for like 50% off on Totsy.com!!!!


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