HelloFlo Period Starter Kits and Subscription for Girls

If you haven’t heard about Hello Flo, it’s a company designed to help girls manage their period. Hello Flo offers subscription services that ship out period necessities right to your doorstep and they offer a “starter kit” to prep girls and their Mamas before the 1st period strikes.

Hello Flo aims to simplify your period and eliminate the need to rush out and buy tampons or pads when your monthly friend catches you unexpectedly.

For us seasoned women who’ve been dealing with our period for most of lives this seems like no big deal, but when you have a daughter about to get her first period or dealing with those early years of menstruation, Hello Flo is a treat and the perfect “period” conversation starter.

Take a peek at this hysterical and totally hilarious video that Hello Flo created that went viral about the CAMP GYNO. Love it!

We were sent the Period starter kit which sells for $34.95 to review. Here’s what it looks like:

Hello Flo kit

Once your girls get their period, you can put them on monthly subscription plan to receive period supplies and goodies.

I love that if you sign up for a 3 or 6 month subscription, your purchase will also  provide sanitary supplies to one school aged girl in Kenya for a full school year. Awesome!

Month to month is $20 and 3-6 month plans range from $16-$19 for regular products and if you go Organic it costs between $17-21 per cycle.

With an 8 1/2 year old daughter, we haven’t had the official “period” talk yet, but I know it will be coming soon and Moms of tweens really appreciate all these easy and informative ways from Hello Flo that will help get the conversation started that are literally packaged with FUN.

Hello Flo Get Ready Parents Guide

There’s a guide in the kit just for parents and tips for girls too so Hello Flo is helpful for Mothers and Daughters. I wish my baby could stay a baby forever, but these kids grow up fast so love the idea of companies out there making it easier for Moms and their girls to transition to the next phase.

Hello Flo letters to girls

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  1. Hey I don’t know how to talk to my mom about this? I talked to my sister but she says its not that great to have it but I really want it, I guess it would make me feel grown up and more people would stop treating me like a kid. I want it badly!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m only 12 but my friend had hers when she turned 10.

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