Let’s Join @Always on a Mission Help #EndPeriodPoverty – 3 Ways You Can Help Make a Difference

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Wow! Did you know that 1 in 5 American girls have missed school because they didn’t have access to period protection?  I was pretty much floored by this stat.

Help #EndPeriodPoverty

Just like how Always has been working hard to boost girls confidence with their #LikeAGirl campaign, Always is now raising awareness about the lack of access that millions of American girls have to period protection.

This back to school season, Always is on a mission to ensure no girls miss school and lose more confidence because they don’t have access to period protection.  We are excited to partner with Always to support their #EndPeriodPoverty campaign and raise awareness about this important issue impacting young girls today.

This lack of period protection causes a vicious and detrimental cycle in the lives of young girls going through puberty. Not having period protection, means girls are missing school, missing club meetings, skipping out of sports practice and more during a critical time in their lives when their confidence is already at a huge risk of plummeting.

Always is hoping to donate an additional 15 million period products to Feeding America, a long-standing partner, through the organization’s school pantry program, which provides food, toiletries and personal care products to kids who are most in need. Every purchase of Always from July 29th to September 8th will trigger a donation of product to girls in need. *

Do you remember what going through puberty and first getting your period in junior high and high school was like? Those awkward teen years were fun for me, but definitely not the easiest! Am I right?!?!

Luckily, I only had to really worry about superficial issues and not about if I had access to period protection or not!


I’m continually amazed by the work of the Always brand and their inspirational marketing campaigns to empower girls to be more confident in themselves so I am so excited to join them in their efforts.  I shared these throwback photos of myself online this August to support their program where if share a throwback photo of yourself, tagged @Always, and used the hashtag #EndPeriodPoverty, it triggered an additional donation of Always pads to girls in need.

With a 12-year-old girl in the 7th grade, about to turn 13 this fall, boosting and maintaining the confidence of young women is something I’m so passionate about. I’ve coached Girls on the Run in my town to inspire young girls to run a 5K, believe in themselves, and not be discouraged by mean girls. I continue to encourage my own daughter to find strength in herself and conquer new physical goals.  This summer we hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Talk about an inspiring physical experience! It wasn’t easy but it was worth it!

Help #EndPeriodPoverty

Kenzie is very involved in swim team, just ran a triathlon last weekend, and is now trying Cross Country this fall for her middle school team. I hope all these accomplishments help her believe in herself more during those times of self-doubt.

triatlon 1

For me, I found participating in sports and setting personal goals for myself enabled me to maintain my confidence during those rocky school years full of mean girls, hormones, and the subsequent challenges during the teen years that often cause confidence to plummet.

I can’t imagine if I also had to deal with not having access to period protection!

I’m so thankful Always is sparking this conversation and making crucial donations to impact the lives of young girls today.

How Can You Help Always End Period Poverty?

  • Purchase Always to trigger a donation of product to girls in need from July 29th – September 8th.
  • Donate new menstruation products to your local public school system, food bank or community outreach centers. Girls will absolutely need them!
  • Join the conversation to help spread the word about Period Poverty and the lack of access millions of American girls have to products for period protection.

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*The pads will be donated to girls by Feeding America, through their school pantry and other networks.

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