Help Our Daughters Fuel Passions to Build Self Esteem @Dove #SpeakBeautiful 

How do you instill confidence in your daughters? I remember the insecurities of my teenage years, but today it all seems so much harder for our kids given the pressures of social media and the continuous 24/7 connections people have to each other with mobile phones, texting, and social media platforms. I am loving Dove’s Speak Beautiful movement which helps build girls’ self-esteem and confidence. Dove is encouraging us all to post positive advice online as a way to start making social media a more positive place. One piece of advice I have is that I think we can help our Daughters Fuel Passions to Build Self Esteem — and yes please let’s be NICE to each other online.  We’ve partnered with Dove and Mirum Shopper to share this powerful message. 

Did you know that 52% of girls feel that the negative posts, comments, snaps, videos or photos they see on social media damage their confidence?? (*Dove: #SpeakBeautiful Girls Research” March 2016)


How do you instill Self Esteem in your daughters?

Growing up, sports gave me lots of self confidence and made me feel good about myself. Participating on a team helped me feel like I had an instant connection to others. Working hard and training for my own individual goals and my teams goals helped me feel like I had a strong sense of purpose. This sense of purpose and self confidence boosted my self esteem, body confidence, and enabled me to avoid the “noisy” distractions and negativity from the “mean girls” in school and instead focus on believing in myself.

When my daughter was little and trying out new activities, I didn’t care WHAT she became passionate about – whether it was sports or dance or acting – I just knew that finding a passion and pursuing it would be a way to help instill that same sense of self esteem in her that my athletic experience gave me.

We tried everything for Kenzie when she was in preschool and Kindergarten. Tap class, gymnastics, music, swimming, soccer, tennis, and art! However, sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and like me, she’s found a love for swimming as a young girl.


I love watching my girl swim! She looks forward to every practice, swim meet, and most importantly seeing her friends and working hard together as a team. Relays are always her favorite event!

Being fit is a great way to feel good about yourself too. In the spring I coach Girls on the Run at my daughter’s elementary school and we talk about building self confidence and handling challenges from peers at school, friends, and family.  We also train to FINISH a 5K. No matter the pace everyone is a winner just for finishing. Of course, Kenzie is crazy about running and it’s hard for me to keep up with her now since athletics seems to be her “passion”!

At the end of the 10 weeks we all run a 5K together. Here we are! Yay!


Spending time together with our kids is so important too. I think traveling with kids and offering new experiences is another great way to boost curiosity and give us adults time to connect with our kids. Time is usually one of the best gifts we can give others…….


What ways have you found to boost confidence in your daughters?

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Note: This post is sponsored post by Mirum Shopper. As always, all opinions are my own.

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