Helping Children Think Green

Helping Children Think “Green”

Being environmentally friendly is a growing habit that only seems to be picking up steam. As more parents start to make greener choices for their families, many also wonder how they can help their children to think green. Guiding children to making greener choices in their lives will help them to be more environmental now, and when they are grown.
Waste Not, Want Not

Parents know that kids can be notorious wasters. Water, electricity, ketchup on their fries. Give kids a chance and they will often use more than their fair share. Though it can be easy to get frustrated with them, the reality is that many just do not understand the vast impact that running the water can do. Young children have very finite views of the world, and may not be able to see how their small actions here could affect others out there.

To get kids to think green, parents need to take the time to explain how their actions affect the bigger picture. This may be hard to do, especially with younger children. But the time you take helping kids see how things are connected is well worth it in the end.

Reduce, Reuse

There are entire marketing teams right now, planning new ways to convince your children why they need the latest this and that. It is difficult to think about reducing consumer waste and reusing what you have when the commercials, magazines, and radio ads are all telling you to buy, buy, buy.

Parents can help their children learn to think green by both setting a good example, and helping kids to see how to make better choices when shopping. Poorly made baby clothes may be cheaper, but will cost more in the long run when it breaks and needs to be replaced. A certain toy may be advertised as the “must have” thing, but will it really stand the test of time? Helping kids to see critically how to make good shopping choices, reuse the things they already have, and reduce the amount of things they buy will help them become more green.
Don’t Trash It

Too many of the things we purchase today come in throw away packaging, especially the things that are aimed at kids. Help your kids think green by helping them understand the importance of recycling. Setting up a recycling station in your home will get kids into the habit of thinking before tossing something into the trash.

Living green can be easy, even for kids. With a little guidance and encouragement, parents can help their children take their first steps towards thinking green.

By Summer Minor, a writer for a designer baby clothes boutique.

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