He's Got The Look

Kyle’s got this hysterical face he makes all the time. A crazy little scowl. He especially does it if he is getting into trouble. I’ve found this a bit infuriating while at the same time it is too cute.

We finally realized he is just being a little mimic. His crazy scowl is his best effort to match the expression on our faces when we reprimand him. (Think drawing with crayons on the carpet or sneaking up the stairs by himself or unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper.)

Yes, I scowl fiercely as I try to remain very serious and stern so I can yell at him for his minor mischievous adventures.

(Sorry for the bad clarity of these photos lately but the convenience of iPhone pictures is worth it!)

1 thought on “He's Got The Look”

  1. ベンジャミン・フルフォード、石平、サチン・チョードリーの遺伝子を日本人に組み込んで究極の日本人を作るのです。
    アメリカ・ロシア  石油が出ない国は論外。 
    ためしにフォトショとかで自分の写メの黒目を2ミリほど拡大してみると分かる。 宇宙人って公表してもパニックになんかならない

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