Hess Toy Truck Race Car and Racer

For 45 years, Hess Toy Truck has introduced a classic collectible vehicle every year for the holiday season. Until receiving this 2009 Hess Race and Racer as a review product, I was unaware of the tradition, but as soon as my friends and neighbors saw Kyle playing with this spiffy Hess Race Car at his birthday party, they knew just what a special toy he had in his hands. My next door neighbor says her husband has been collecting the annual Hess Toy Truck every Christmas. For the 1st time since 1993, Hess Toy Truck is introducing a Race Car for 2009. For $25 with batteries included, the value of this car is incredible. High quality, sleek, and with 29 flashing lights and 3 sounds. Kyle, my 2 year old motor fiend, is very keen on this race car. Especially as it includes a little secret compartment where a 2nd Hess racer car is included. Kyle loves putting the racer in and out of the big Hess Race Car or storing other miscellaneous toys in the compartment to take them for a zoom zoom around the house. What a classic gift for a little boy. We give it a rave review. You can buy this at Hess retail locations and I also found it on Amazon. Classy Mommy Approved! For more information, click here. Price: $25

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