Hexbug Warriors Video Review – Battling Micro Robotic creatures

In stores now! Hexbug Warriors will be available very soon as battling MicroRobotic Creatures.They fight, battle, and bump into each other in these stadium sets – aka battling arenas – that are now available for purchase.

My kids love Hexbugs and always are excited about every new Hexbug innovation and variety.


Thanks to the Sweet Suite & Big Toy Book for including me in their styling toy event in NYC as I got to preview these in advance.

Take a peek at my video to see a demo of the Hexbug Warriors:


Disclosure: I previewed these toys at the Big Toy Book Sweet Suite event in New York City. We did not receive samples of the new Hexbug Warriors, but over the years I have received Hexbug samples to review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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