Hi from Turks & Caicos

Wow! This place is so gorgeous it’s ridiculous.

We’re staying at Beaches Resort in the Italian Village  – here’s a link to the video tour of our room.  I’ll write a whole post about this room – it is seriously so nice it’s crazy amazing and definitely merits it’s own post with tons of details, but more on that later as we are off to have breakfast with all the characters from Sesame Street.

Here’s the view from our room. With this view I honestly don’t want to leave the room!


We can’t wait to have a full week of family time, relaxation, and fun. Yesterday afternoon we hit the pool, enjoyed digging in the sand and topped off our day with a Sesame Street show.


Being greeted by Ernie!

Kyle enjoying the pool.

Today we hope to just enjoy the beach as the kids love the sand. The thought of doing NOTHING sounds very appealing to all of us. (As long as that nothing includes lots of swimming, sand castle building for the kids, and a date on the beach for me & my Kindle.)

Here’s a pic of the sweet master bedroom. I’m thinking we should just move here as it’s beyond too nice for just a hotel room.

Later this week we’ll do some more adventures but we can use a day of relaxation to kick off vacation.

Kenzie & Kyle’s other request is to have a drink at the swim up bar in the pool as they are beyond impressed with the concept of being able to sit down and have a drink while out for a swim – so we promised them yesterday we’d let them do this. They are simply PINING after the chance for a drink in the pool.

Can’t wait for more fun!

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  1. Ooooh! I am so excited to hear about this adventure! We will be traveling here next month, and would love ideas on what to do! The web sites have such conflicting info, so any kind of first hand experience is great!!!

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