Holiday Danger for Kids – Watch out for Batteries

As a parent, it’s terrifying when you have toddlers that they might put something tiny or dangerous in their mouths.

I’m totally the nervous Mom but even watching my kids like a hawk, I found it happening – especially if I was distracted in a new environment and wasn’t aware of the dangers in someone else’s home vs. my own home. For instance, I remember one time little Kenzie, at 9 months old, putting a small rock in her mouth that came from a planter when we were staying at a friend’s beach house. Luckily, my girlfriend noticed she was mouthing funny so I reached in her mouth and found the big pebble! Yikes!

It can happen in an instant and it can happen in a moment you have your back turned. One of the biggest dangers that few parents know about are coin lithium batteries. They are those small silver batteries that are used by hearing aids, Hexbugs, greeting cards, remote controls, flashlights and tons of other household products you probably aren’t even aware use them! Especially in this day and age too – as technology get smaller and slimmer, so do the batteries.

What can you do? You can be aware! On The Battery Controlled, you can take the pledge to keep your child safe by keeping these batteries out of reach and hidden from children. And you can be aware. Take the pledge and spread the word – especially this holiday season as new toys and new batteries come into the house.

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  1. Even a small child just liking the plug in end of a 9 volt battery can be dangerous. The jolt they get can throw their little hearts into an abnormal beat, which in turn can lead to atrial fibrillation and if not treated almost immediately, can in some cases lead to death.
    Another dangerous thing people don’t think about is perfume. If a child drinks perfume (many of which contain herbs not intended for oral consumption or alcohol) they can become very sick. Case in point my niece and nephew once when very little got into their mother’s perfume.

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