Holiday Gifting with Yankee Candle 

I love the scent of  seasonal burning candle and Yankee candles have ALWAYS been my favorite. They make the entire room smell incredible when I’m burning the scents that appeal to me – those apples, cinnamons, gingers and pumpkins are always my personal favorites! I often feel guilty buying expensive candles for myself, so love GIFTING (and RECEIVING!) Yankee candles for the holidays. This year, you can save more by gifting the new special candle line sold at Walmart,  AMERICAN HOME by YANKEE CANDLE. Amazing holiday scents at a more affordable price! They have a range of sizes available and scents and colors that work for the season. 

Holiday Scents from American Home by Yankee Candle

My favorite holiday scents this season that I bought to gift teachers and use as hostess gifts include these 3 faves:

Sweet & Salty Caramel

Ginger Pumpkin Pie

Fresh Apple

The dual wick sleeker tumbler candle that sells for $10.93 is my favorite size too and what I bought for this seasons gifting and to burn in my own home.

Check out the dual wick American Home Yankee candle at here.

Gift Bags paired with Candles for Simple Hostess or Teacher Gifts

Stocking up early in the season on candles, tissue paper and gift bags makes it so easy for me to have hostess gifts on hand during the hectic holiday month of December. And when I’m rushing around the last week before Christmas to get everything done and remember I need Teacher or Coaches gifts, it’s SO easy to just pop in a gift card into a pretty gift bag to pair it with that yummy smelling candle too!

Here’s Kyle all ready to gift to his teachers and swim coaches!


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