Holiday Giving: Donating 30 Books to my local Heath Clinic thanks to Walmart!

Every year, Walmart enables me to participate in a Holiday giving project to help out others in my own community. In the past, I’ve taken the kids shopping for toys that we donate to Toys for Tots. This year, we decided to something more specific and different to benefit a local free health clinic in my town that benefits those who do not have health insurance, The Clinic, in Phoenixville, PA.

When sick children visit The Clinic, they are often able to take home a new book. So, Kyle and I went shopping with $100 and bought 30 books at Walmart.


We dropped the books off to his preschool where all the kids are wrapping them to donate to the Clinic.

We bought lots of favorite titles like the Little Engine that Could – my personal favorite as a child.


And these cute Disney Christmas titles that were all only $1 each! What a deal.


This Treasury of Curious George book is a favorite of ours that we also personally own – it has nearly a dozen of our favorite Curious George stories included!


Here is everything we got spread out on the kitchen table. The kids were thrilled to be involved in helping to give back locally and in selecting their favorite stories that they thought other children would love to own and be able to read over and over again.


And some girly books too!


Disclosure: I’m a member of the Walmart Moms. This is a sponsored post and project was coordinated to help me find a way to give back to my community with the help of Walmart. I’m so appreciative of their efforts to let me make an impact in my community. As always, all thoughts and opinion are my own. 

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