Hollywood Vibe

Gotta love the self portraits. We had a blast last night exploring LA. Here’s a video of Hollywood Boulevard. You can just sense the vibe. Katy Perry’s California Girls was playing, crowds were everywhere, paparazzi were prowling the streets with gigantic cameras, and a premiere for the Expendables was happening and fans were going nuts. Like NYC with Palm Trees.

Gotta love the self portrait that Audrey snapped of us both on her iPhone. Having a friend to travel with makes it seem like a vacation and not work. And we’re all about the adjoining rooms as we have our space but just the right amount of togetherness to make it convenient and productive. We’re powering through our book too. Spent 4 hours yesterday on the plane editing. The poor girl sitting in our row! 5 Chapters done, 2 more to do tonight on our red eye flight to NYC. fe

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