How to Make Homemade Puffy Paint with Shaving Cream and Glue

It’s Winter Craft Time! Instructions below on how to make homemade puffy paint – it’s so fun and easy!

Your kids will adore making a Snowman Craft out of Shaving Cream – it’s super easy too! Here’s my 4 year old Kyle’s sweet snowman made out of a shaving cream & glue mixture – otherwise known as Homemade Puffy Paint.


Playing with shaving cream is always fun and I’m amazing how much you can do with it. During the warm weather, my kids go wild with Shaving Cream when I let them do it as an “outdoor” craft activity in the summer – basically just diving into the shaving cream with their hands after I spray it on an outdoor play table. We just hose down the kids after!

Here’s the scoop on creating homemade Puffy Paint by adding glue to Shaving Cream:

It’s as simple as can be. Truly!

1. Just add regular glue (aka Elmer’s or any other typical brand) to Shaving Cream to thicken it.

2. Mix in a bowl and in general use about equal parts of both. This will make your shaving cream sticky and enable it to thicken into a homemade puffy paint substance.

3. Add food coloring! For a variation on the white shaving cream puffy paint look which is perfect for Snow or Winter themed crafts, just add whatever color your heart desires to your glue & shaving cream mixture.



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