Hot Chocolate in the Woods

Complete with marshmallows & hot chocolate,  we ventured off into the woods during the snow storm on Saturday. Often the kids and Dad go on these little adventures without me, but Kenzie requested I join her this time. Wow. I don’t know why I’ve been skipping out on these trips. It really was as my kids often say daily, “THE BEST DAY EVER!”  Really.

I mean how often does one get to eat marshmallows deep in the woods – with hot chocolate – and all while snow was falling down from the sky above?

There is nothing like the quiet of the woods during a snow fall.

Or being outdoors and finally breathing fresh air after all those weeks of being indoors in the winter.

The trees looked beautiful. Kenzie led the way as we followed the trails and traversed the creeks for over an hour.

When the kids were tired, they got a free ride.

And snow really seems to make kids smile.  (With no encouragement either!)

About half way through our hour long walk they were able to dive into the hot chocolate. It was a delight for everyone but the marshmallows were a bit frozen as it really was chilly out there.

4 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate in the Woods”

  1. The pictures are great. Snow, cold, hot chocolate and adventures in the woods – kids love it. What is it about snow that makes kids smile and laugh, while us wise adults have so much trouble when we hear snow is coming? It’s great to share such memorable moments with the kids in the snow; they’ll remember it forever all the great times.

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